Ammo Price Hikes Coming

Empty Bullet Casings
Word from our suppliers is that wholesale ammo prices of all calibers is going up by 20% or more on May 1st and for the foreseeable future. And, certain rounds like .223 and .38spec are already getting scarce at any price. Unfortunately, SAO must pass the increase on to you, just like sales tax.

Why is this happening? Manufacturers cannot keep up with the demand from shooters afraid that their Second Amendment rights will be trampled in a possible second Obama administration – everyone is stocking up. Plus, there has been a dramatic increase in Americans buying guns for personal protection and concealed carry. All those guns need bullets and the manufacturers are simply behind the curve.

So, if you’ve been thinking about buying ammo in bulk, now is the time to do it. Ammo, like gold, will hold it’s value and doesn’t go bad if stored properly.

If you’re not a Gold Member yet and shoot more than twice a month, you should consider joining now. One of the benefits is a 20% discount on bulk ammo purchases of 500 rounds and 25% off purchases of 1000 rounds or more. That will help soften the
blow of the upcoming price hikes.